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Thieves go for the easiest home possible. By taking a few simple actions today, you can begin to secure your home against theft.

Here are some of the best ways you can get to work starting today.

Securing Against Theft

Secure Inside and Outside Your Home to Stop Thieves

1. Keep your landscaping trimmed. Eliminate places for people to hide by keeping all your shrubs and bushes trimmed appropriately.

2. Install a fence. Fences offer privacy. They also offer an obstacle that must be climbed to access your home. Adding a little extra work can be enough to stop some would-be thieves.

3. Install high-security locks. As a general rule, every standard lock on a door provides you with 1-minute of protection. Your Chicago locksmith can recommend new high-security locks
which may extend the amount of time you have.

4. Keep motion-sensor lighting at your entrances. Having a light shine on someone attempting to break into a home can make them change their mind. Make sure you have outdoor lighting that covers your entire property for the best benefits here.

5. Lock all exterior entryways. Make sure that you keep your garage, your gates, your doors, and your windows locked at night and when you are away from home. In some neighborhoods, it may be beneficial to have these items locked at all times.

6. Secure your vehicle. Your vehicle is required to carry personally-identifying information. Thieves can break into it, then enter your home when they know you’re away. Never store a spare key to your home inside your car.

7. Change your locks when you move into a new home. You don’t know who may have a key to the existing lock. Get them changed by a professional locksmith. At the very least, have them rekeyed.

8. Install a home security system. If a determined thief gets through your other security efforts, an installed security system can sound an alarm to local authorities.


Get Your Home Security Plan Started Today

At Panda Locksmith, our team can help you take the necessary steps to add more security to your home today.

Whether you just need to add or upgrade a lock or install multiple security components, we make securing your home against theft as easy and affordable as possible.

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