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There are times when a door in your home will lock and you don’t know how it happened. You could contact a Chicago locksmith to help with the situation, though there is a good chance that you can handle it on your own.

Most interior locks use a simple mechanism within the knob to prevent unwanted intrusions. On older knobs, the turning mechanism of the lock can be loose enough that a slammed door causes it to lock. Here are the tricks you can use to unlock that interior door.

Tips to unlock a house door

Ways to Unlock a Door in Your Home

#1. The Paperclip Method

Many interior doors feature a push-button lock. If you have something of the right size and length, you can insert it through the knob to pop the lock open. For many locks like this, a paperclip is the right size. Take the bends out of the paperclip, insert it into the knob, and push forward until the door unlocks.

#2. The Screwdriver Method

If you have a lock that turns on the knob, then you’ll need to use a flat tool that will allow you to unlock the door. A small flat-edge screwdriver, like one you’d use for eyeglasses, will often do the trick. Insert the screwdriver into the knob, feel around until it latches into the lock, then turn it to unlock the door.

A small knife may also work using this method if a screwdriver is not available.

#3. The Credit Card Method

Newer homes may have spring locks installed on the interior doors. If that is the case for your Chicago home, then a flat surface between the door frame and the lock will allow you to gain the leverage needed to unlock the door. You’ll need to slide the card past the latch bolt for this method to be successful. Try to catch the edge of the latch bolt with the corner of the card, then press inward to gain some leverage. You’ll probably ruin your card doing this.

#4. The Bump Method

You may have a bump key or a master key that works for all your interior doors. Check the top of your door frame to see if one may have been left up there. It is not unusual for a key to be left there for years without knowing about it. Then use the key to open the door.

#5. The Removal Method

In the worst-case scenario, grab some tools and remove the lock. Get the door open, then install the lock once again.

Do You Need to Call a Chicago Locksmith?

If you’re still struggling with that interior door being locked, then let Panda Locksmith give you a hand. We’ll get a locksmith out to your home quickly to unlock your door without damaging it or the lock. It can be frustrating to deal with a locked door. Knowing these tricks will make life easier.

Do you have a door that just got locked in your home? You could call a Chicago locksmith to handle the situation, but you might be able to unlock the door on your own with these tricks.

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