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One of the easiest ways to protect your important paperwork and assets is to purchase a safe for your home. Not every safe is constructed equally, however, so here are our recommendations, as a Chicago locksmith, on the best models to purchase for your home today.

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What Are the Best Safes to Purchase for the Home?

1. Sentry Safe 0500

This safe is a good option for those who have a basic protection need. It is a highly-rated, fire-resistant safe that retails for less than $20 at some retail locations. You’ll be able to store basic paperwork in it or a few valuables. Although this safe is also portable, it is an affordable way to upgrade your security.

2. American Security UL1511

This safe is rated to provide 2 hours of protection during a fire. It is also impact-rated, making it a secure way to store your important assets. Although the safe weighs 246 pounds and retails for more than $700 in most locations, it will be difficult to move or open if someone should come into your home while you’re away.

3. Verifi S6000

This safe offers a biometric lock to enhance your overall security profile. It features an auto-lock door as well, so if the door closes, it locks. It is approved as a firearm safety device and is one of the few safes that is affordable and offers a bolt-down mounting kit too, preventing unauthorized removal.

4. First Alert 2092DF

If you’re looking for a home safe that is rated to be waterproof, then give this mid-sized model a closer look. It is also rated to be fire-resistant for up to 1 hour. A digital lock is featured with the safe, along with 4 live door bolts, and pry-resistant hinges that resist unauthorized entry.

5. Protex PWS-1814E

This safe is a great option for homes and businesses with its in-wall mounted design. It uses a digital electronic locking system with a spring-loaded door to create a strong user experience. Two removable shelves work with the velvet interior to protect crucial items. It is made from heavy-duty gauge steel and is designed specifically to install between 16-inch o/c wall studs.

Which Safe is Right for Your Home?

At Panda Locksmith, we recognize that home security must feature multiple levels of protection. Purchasing a home safe that meets your unique needs is one of those levels. These are the best safes to purchase in Chicago right now.

Are you in the market for a new home safe? Then let your Chicago locksmith recommend the best safes to consider purchasing today for your home.


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