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Safe Sale, Service and Installation in Chicago – When you have something valuable to store away safely where no damage or destruction can befall it, then there is no other suitable place for storage than a safe. Whether it is a piece of expensive jewelry, a gun or important documents, you can trust Panda Locksmiths in Chicago to provide you with the right storage safes that will meet all your needs. For the last three decades, we have been providing the residents of Chicago and the suburbs of Illinois with high quality locksmith services and hardware with safes being one of them.


Apart from selling the safes, we also offer safe servicing and installation. We have technicians with the knowledge and experience to handle all kinds of safes and with their services, you will surely be on safe hands. It will also come as a surprise to you that despite the high quality of our products and services, we have made them available to you at extremely affordable prices.

This is simply because we have close ties with top manufacturers and we are also accredited and authorized dealers with a number of companies. These associations give us the privilege to offer our products to you at lower rates since we also get them at subsidized rates from the manufacturers. Therefore, if you want the most affordable safes in Chicago, be sure to deal with Panda Locksmiths.

Why work with us?

Other than quality and affordability of our safes and the accompanying services, there are a number of benefits that makes us far much better than the other safe dealers in Chicago. They include but are no limited to the following-:

  • You get to choose from a wide selection of safes
  • Access to subsidized installation services with every purchase
  • Trained technicians on expert opinion when choosing and installing the safe
  • Free consultation services
  • Speedy installation services in Chicago and the suburbs of Illinois.

Different types of safe available

Panda Locksmiths brings you a variety of safes suitable for different purposes. The following are some of the different kinds of safes you can get from us at any time-:
Luxury safes – these are ideal for storing your luxury items such as jewelry, watches etc. They have been designed to exude the elegance and the style just as the items to be stored therein.

Fire safes – these have been specially designed to never be destroyed by fire. They are ideal for storing very valuable documents such as ownership titles, jewelry, important documents, wills, etc.

Gun safes – if you want to avoid gun accidents due to reckless handling by your child or other person at home then all you need is an appropriate gun safe. We have different kinds of gun safes suitable for storing all manner of guns. Whether it is pistol or hunting gun, we have the right storage for it.

Infloor safes – these are installed in the ground or inside the floors to offer secure storage for a number of items. When they are installed in the proper manner, they will offer adequate protection to their contents against burglars as well as fire.

Contact us now if you need these or any other kinds of safes. We are ready to make them available for you.

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