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The superfluity of padlock types in the industry can be mindboggling, but with all the different types, they all aim to serve a single purpose – to secure your premises and avoid unauthorized entries. Due to the advancements in technologies and the sophistication of burglar antics, the padlock types are evolving on each and every day.

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Each manufacturer is trying to come up with the most effective and efficient locks that will keep every intruder away. Technology has also seen the introduction of digital as well as biometric locks which have superior lock mechanisms and with great efficiency in operations and in securing homes and business premises.
Discussed below are some of the padlock types you can expect to find in the market as well as their various applications. All these locks are available at affordable prices at Panda Locksmiths in Chicago.

Long Shackle Padlocks

Long Shackle Padlocks are not strictly unique in design and they are the most commonly used lock types in many residential houses. It has an extended shackle in the form of a u-shaped bar which increases the efficiency of the padlock by allowing for more locking area.
But the problem with the long shackle padlock is that the u-shaped bars are the weakest points of the padlock and this makes it very easy for burglars and thieves to breach and gain access to the premises. In order to curb this security inefficiency, the closed shackle padlocks were designed.

Closed Shackle Padlocks

The Closed Shackle Padlock is another common design of padlocks widely used in homes and business premises. It is viewed as a better improvement for the long shackle padlocks because it cannot be easily breached. With this type of padlock, it is designed in such a manner that the body is extended upwards and around the shackle region.
Many insurance companies in the United States have a minimum requirement that all padlocks used as security devices must be of this type. The only caveat to the Closed Shackle Padlock is that it has a reduced usable clearance. It thus offers a very small locking area.

The Straight Shackle Padlock

These are also known as shutter padlocks and rather than having a short, long or circular shackle, they have straight shackles. They are predominantly used for locking fitment of steel roller shutter doors. Many people however think that they are suitable only for looking the steel shutter doors. But they have a wide variety of applications including securing large warehouses, securing shipping containers and other areas where high security padlocks are necessary.

The Circular, Discus or Round Shackle Padlock

These padlocks have curved shackles that run through its entire circumference. Due to its unique design, it is classified as a closed shackle padlock. Though the body of the padlocks is not solid like the traditional padlock designs, it still offers adequate security since breaching the shackle with a hacksaw is very difficult because of the presence of the circular enclosure.
The operations of the padlock also contribute to its immense popularity as a high security padlock. For instance, the keyway is located directly in the center of the lock and since the shackle is not spring-loaded, breaching the keyway by force or by drilling won’t affect the padlock in any way and it will remain unlocked.
You can find all these types of locks at Panda Locksmiths in Chicago at very competitive rates. We are in direct contact with most of the lock manufacturers hence we are able to get the locks at affordable rates thus allowing you to also purchase them at low rates. Get in touch with us if you need these locks or any other locksmith services in Chicago and the suburbs of Illinois.

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