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Most commonly asked

Hello, do you work in Chicago?

Sure, we work in Chicago area and suburbs!

Do you accept credit cards?


Can you pay to us more the you have to? Company’s joke 🙂

Sure, If you have any financial complications, we can always make you a discount!


When your technician gets here?

It all depends on where you are, whether it is day or night, and of course all depends on the traffic, it usually takes 20 minutes

What is a 15-minute response time?

This is the time during which the professional will understand where you are, what happened to you and how much time it will take you some help

How long it takes to do the job?

Usually it takes up to an hour of work, the best ever in the pre-guessing as the technique required to see all the factors that affect the time


How much does it cost?

You can not say the prices in advance so as always in 90% of cases there are factors that affect the price, how many years the castle, which the company is a key or the door of the company, model cars, etc.

Why is not there a fixed price?

Take for example a simple car lockout usually valuable for this work 60-100 dollars, depending on the city and state, but there is also a simple factors such as the client has already tried to open the car and damaged the lock, that is why there is no fixed prices!

Why is there a service fee

The service fee is the money that the technician spends on the road to you, fuel, time, ticket for parking, etc. In regardless of whether you accept the job or not he has already spent the money

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