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How To Prevent Thieves From Entering Your Home

Thieves will enter a home at the most accessible point possible. Most will go through the front door when they want to steal from you. Did you know that 32% of home invasions occur because the criminal went through an unlocked front door? When you forget to lock your door as you leave, or if…

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Summer Vacation Security Tips

The kids are out of school. The sun is finally warm. The winds in the Windy City start to take on some friendly charm. At Panda Locksmith, we know that means you’re working on plans to take a fun, memorable Summer vacation. When you’re away from home, your security setup serves as the last line…

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5 Tricks to Unlock a House Door

There are times when a door in your home will lock and you don’t know how it happened. You could contact a Chicago locksmith to help with the situation, though there is a good chance that you can handle it on your own. Most interior locks use a simple mechanism within the knob to prevent…

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Securing Your Home Against Theft

Thieves go for the easiest home possible. By taking a few simple actions today, you can begin to secure your home against theft. Here are some of the best ways you can get to work starting today. Secure Inside and Outside Your Home to Stop Thieves 1. Keep your landscaping trimmed. Eliminate places for people…

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