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There are times when you get locked out of your home and you need to get right back in there. If you don’t have time to call your locksmith in Chicago (or your home community), then here is what you can do to get past your lock.

Items you will need:

  • A professional lock picking tool.
  • A butter knife.
  • Bobby pins.
  • A laminated card.
  • A screwdriver.
  • A large hammer.
  • Plenty of strength.

How to Unlock Your Locked Door

Option #1: Pick the lock.

The best option to unlock a house door without calling a locksmith is to pick the lock. Using a professional tool or kit will reduce the risk of damage to your lock as you’re working on it. You will need to replicate how the key moves within your lock with the tool or kit for this option to be useful.

Unlocking A Door Lock Alone

Option #2: The Butter Knife

Using a butter knife, you can sometimes force a lock open by wedging the locking mechanism into an unlocked position. Then turn the knife as if it were a key. If your lock isn’t a deadbolt, you might also be able to create a wedge between the lock and the door frame.

Option #3: The Laminated Card

You can use a credit card, an identification card, or anything else that is slim, thin, and plastic. This option will only work for a spring lock. It may break as you work on the lock, so try to use something you don’t care much about. Force the card between the lock and frame, swiping it downward with an angle towards the frame to create separation.

Option #4: The Screwdriver

Take a thin, flat screwdriver and press it between the lock and door frame if you have a spring lock. For interior doors, you can sometimes use the screwdriver as the emergency release for the doorknob as well. Then twist the screwdriver until the lock decides to click open.

Option #5: Remove the Lock or Hinge

If all the other options have failed, then you can remove the lock as an option of last resort. Take a hammer and hit the knob on the door until it comes off. You’ll be able to remove the lock components through the hole you’ve created to get back into your home. If you prefer, should the hinges be exposed, you could remove them as well.

Damaging your door should be an option of last resort. If at all possible, contact an emergency locksmith in your community, like Panda Locksmith, to open your door. Most can be at your location in 15-30 minutes, and the cost is much less than the replacement of a lock.


Did you lock yourself out of your home? If you don’t have time to call a locksmith in Chicago, then see if one of these alternative options will work for you.

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