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safe unlock

How to Unlock Your Safe Without Calling a Locksmith

If you locked yourself out of your safe, then calling for locksmith safe unlock services in Chicago or your hometown can provide an affordable solution. There are also ways for you to unlock that safe on your own if your key is not around. Before following any of these tips, be sure to review your…


Unlock a house door

5 Tricks to Unlock a House Door

There are times when a door in your home will lock and you don’t know how it happened. You could contact a Chicago locksmith to help with the situation, though there is a good chance that you can handle it on your own. Most interior locks use a simple mechanism within the knob to prevent…

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How to Unlock a House

How to Unlock a House Door Without a Key

You’re in a hurry to get out the door. You rush out, only to realize you don’t have your keys. You try to get back inside to grab them. Then your heart sinks. You realize that you locked the door from the inside. Don’t worry. You can still get your house door unlocked with these…

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Locksmith Specialties in Chicago

Most Popular Locksmith Specialties

The locksmith industry is one of the oldest professions in the world and its genesis can be traced back to the metal age when man was just beginning to discover various metals like iron and how to use them. Through increased knowledge and advancement in technology, the sophistication of the locks is continuing to be…

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locksmith rush hours in Chicago, IL

Lockouts during Rush Hours in Chicago

Lockout is a common phenomenon among the residents and the business owners in Chicago and the suburbs of Illinois. The main reason responsible for causing lockouts is when you are unable to gain access to your residential home or your business premises. The chief cause of this is when you are can’t locate your keys…

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A Door lock

How To Unlock a Door Lock Without a Key

Not every lockout situation might warrant you to call for the services of a professional locksmith. There are certain instances when you can also turn into an armature locksmith by resolving the lockout situation by yourself. This is however possible only if you know how to unlock a house door lock without a key. There…

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