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If you locked yourself out of your safe, then calling for locksmith safe unlock services in Chicago or your hometown can provide an affordable solution.

There are also ways for you to unlock that safe on your own if your key is not around. Before following any of these tips, be sure to review your owner’s guide, because accessing the lock without a key in a non-professional may void warranties which apply.

If you are in the clear, here are your options.

Pick the lock yourself.

Most locks can be picked one way or another. If you have an entry-level portable fireproof safe, such as a Sentry safe, you may be able to do it with just a pocket knife. For a complicated lock, you will want to purchase the correct tools for the job, then practice on non-critical locks before trying to get into your safe.

Bypass the lock.

If you must get into the safe, then you may be able to bypass it in some way. Most bypass methods require the safe to be damaged to access the locking mechanism, so this should be an option of last resort.

Once you can access the mechanism, you’ll be able to nudge it in a way which allows you to get past the safe door.

safe unlock

Use a flathead screwdriver.

On some entry-level locks, you might be able to force the mechanism to turn if you can apply enough leverage inside the device. A long, flat screwdriver can sometimes do the trick. Make sure that you turn the screwdriver in a counter-clockwise fashion until the lock releases. It may require several attempts before you are successful.

In a pinch, you can add paper clips, tweezers, and bobby pins to act as a DIY lockpicking kit to force a turn from the lock.

Borrow a key from someone else.

If you own an entry-level safe, you may be able to borrow a key to open your lock. Many of the mass-produced safes priced under $100 come equipped with keys that are very similar to one another. You can often force the key into your lock to get it to turn without damage.

If your safe is damaged and needs a repair, the best option is to call a locksmith in your area to repair the safe or install a new one.

At Panda Locksmith, we recommend contacting your locksmith in Chicago, or your hometown provider, to prevent unintended damage to the lock on your safe. After opening your safe, the lock may be unable to function, which could require a costly repair.


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