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You’re in a hurry to get out the door. You rush out, only to realize you don’t have your keys. You try to get back inside to grab them.

Then your heart sinks. You realize that you locked the door from the inside.

Don’t worry. You can still get your house door unlocked with these simple ideas.


How to Unlock a House

Best Ways to Unlock Your Door Without a Key

1. Own a lock picking set.

A basic set of lock-picking tools won’t set your budget back too much. Keep the set in your vehicle to ensure you don’t lock those in your house too. You’ll be able to duplicate how the key operates within the lock with a good set.

2. Use paperclips.

A couple of paperclips can help you to activate the pin systems in a spring-loaded lock with the correct combination. It’s not as effective as a formal lock-picking set, though it can work in an emergency.

If you don’t have paperclips, bobby pins are a similar alternative worth considering.

3. Try using a butter knife.

A small, flat knife, like a butter knife, can be used to force your lock into an open position. A metal nail file or something of a similar thickness and shape may also work.


What About Using a Bump Key?

Some locksmiths may advise that you own a bump key to help you get through a locked house door. In Chicago, however, being found with a bump key in your possession could be considered proof of intent to commit a crime.

Storing a bump key in a safe place is also problematic. What happens if you keep it in your car and someone steals it? Or what if someone discovers the hiding place for your bump key on your property?

At Panda Locksmith, we simply cannot recommend owning a bump key as an option.


Not Handy with Tools? Then Call Your Local Locksmith!

Panda Locksmith, your preferred locksmith in Chicago, will help you unlock your house door quickly before it become dangerous for you. We unlock doors without damaging the lock or structure of the doorway itself, allowing you to get your keys and continue on with your day.

Knowing how to unlock a house door without a key can save you time in a forgetful moment. Don’t forget to keep your favorite Chicago locksmith’s number and website in your phone as well to ensure you’ll always be able to get your keys back.

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