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Getting locked inside an apartment can be a very nasty experience; especially when all the bad things decide to happen during this time. To begin with, it puts you in prison right inside your own house since you can’t go anywhere. No one loves giving up their freedom in such a manner! Being locked inside an apartment will also put you in great danger suppose an emergency situation like fire decides to happen.

Locked inside an Apartment in Chicago

It means that you will be trapped inside the building and you may not have any other way out. Other than fire, suppose you had a medical condition and it happens when you are locked inside, getting help may be a very big challenge and this might risk your life.

How to avoid getting locked inside an apartment

Due to all the nasty things that can happen when you are locked inside an apartment, it is prudent that you take adequate measures to ensure that you are never locked inside any buildings. People usually get locked inside their apartment because they don’t have a way of opening the doors from the inside.

There are certain types of apartment doors which will need a key to lock or unlock from the outside but will automatically unlock without a key from the inside. Others will however require a key both when on the inside and the outside. If the latter is your type of door, then the only way to avoid getting locked from the inside is to have a spare key.

Ideally, you need to have two different key duplicates and have one kept outside the room or with a friend while the other one kept somewhere inside the room to help you during such instances. In this manner, you will always have a way of either getting in or getting out of your apartment should you misplace or lose your normal keys.

What to do when locked inside an apartment

When you find yourself locked inside an apartment, the last thing you should ever think of is to panic. You need to stay calm and understand that it is a normal situation which can be easily resolved. Unless you are unlucky that a fires starts when you are locked inside the apartment, the whole thing is not life threatening hence you should keep your cool as you figure out how to get the door opened.

Consider the following when you find yourself locked inside an apartment

  • Check to see if there are other exits you can use besides the door. If the windows are big enough without any bars, you can use them to get out to safety. Though this won’t be a very good choice if you live in the top floors of a high rise apartment.
  • Call out and try to get attention of anyone nearby. In most cases, there will be people around and with their help, you can open or break the door from the outside.
  • If you are getting too worried and can’t handle the pressure, make a non emergency call to your local fire department so that they can come and rescue you.
  • Additionally, call your local locksmiths. This seems like the best solutions because the locksmiths will open the door professionally and without causing any breakages or damages. In addition to this, they will make a duplicate key for you so that you don’t find yourself in such a situation in the future.

If you are ever find yourself locked inside your apartment in Chicago or the suburbs of Illinois, you can call for our emergency locksmith services and we will be there to help you. We specialize in these kinds of lockout situations and it will take us only a few minutes to unlock the door and make duplicate keys for you.

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