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6 Methods to Unlock a Mailbox

6 Best Methods to Unlock a Mailbox

Are you facing a fault in your mailbox? Then it would be best if you coped with it immediately. For those who have a centralized mailbox for your Chicago home, it’s accessible to sort out this problem. It is essential to fix the mailbox lock on a priority basis because the improper functioning of the…

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Lock Unlocked With Master Key

When Should You Create a Master Key?

If you own a master key for your property, then it will operate several different locks for your home or business. Each lock still functions with its separate change key as well. Many homeowners think that they have a master key, but their Chicago locksmith (or provider in their own community) likely keyed each lock…

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Ignition Key Not Working

How to Know When to Replace Your Ignition Key

Every key wears out over time. That includes the ignition key for your vehicle. If you are having trouble starting your car, it may be that your key is unable to turn the cylinder because it is too worn out. Of course, if you own a push-button start vehicle, this issue is no longer a…


Broken Key Extraction

5 Simple Ways to Get a Broken Key Out of the Lock

You turn your key. It sticks a little. So, you force it to open it up. Boom! That’s when the key breaks. Before you contact your preferred Residential Chicago locksmith, try these simple ways to get that broken key out of the lock. How You Can Get a Broken Key Out of a Lock Right…

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Car key duplication

Why You Must Have a Spare Car Key

It often happens when you least expect it. You’re ready to hop into your car to enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer… when you realize you don’t have your keys. Maybe they got locked inside your vehicle. Maybe the kids decided to hide them on you because it seemed like a fun…

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Multlock lock rekey

Mul-T-Lock Rekey

One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve the security of your home or business is to rekey your locks. From renters who don’t return keys to employees who fail to do the same, your preferred Chicago locksmith can swap out the tumbler configuration or the wafer configuration. This forces a new key…

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