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Are you facing a fault in your mailbox? Then it would be best if you coped with it immediately. For those who have a centralized mailbox for your Chicago home, it’s accessible to sort out this problem.

It is essential to fix the mailbox lock on a priority basis because the improper functioning of the mailbox will lead to a suspension notice to get mail until recovery of the mailbox.

Is It Legal to Fix Your Mailbox Lock?

Yes, you can fix your mailbox lock with the help of a Chicago locksmith. But if the entire mailbox is under government control, then you need to contact the United States Postal Service (USPS) to replace the mailbox lock or provide a key.

USPS recommends asking your superintendent, manager, or owner of your townhouse, condominium, or apartment for a spare key. After contacting USPS, wait for 1 to 2 weeks and don’t take a step immediately if there is a weekend. Wait in all conditions for a reply from USPS.
6 Methods to Unlock a Mailbox

6 Best Methods to Unlock a Mailbox

Are you facing an issue unlocking your mailbox? What is why you lost your key, or is there some other issue that you need to fix or replace the mailbox?

1. Use a screwdriver or a metal knife.

To open the old mailbox, take a screwdriver or a metal knife.
Thrust it into the keyhole of the mailbox.
Apply slight force at the right angle then the lock pin jumps out.

2. Try with a Proxy

Take a knife, small scissor, or hairpin. Insert into the keyhole of the lock.
Then twist it in different directions, clockwise or anti-clockwise.
Constant twisting will be fruitful with the sound of the click of the locking unlocking.

3. Use Drill Machine

If you lost your key and want to fix the mailbox lock, then there are easy and cheap ways to use a drill.
Just apply little pressure while drilling into the lock. The drill should be straight, and pressure will be consistent.
Once you drill, then the mailbox opens. Now remove the lock with the help of a wrench by opening the nut. Then replace the old defective lock with the new one.

4. The help of your neighbor

Sometimes the same key can be used to open a mailbox. For this, you can get the help of your neighbor. Borrow their key and take a try.

5. Use a lock-picking kit

If you tried all of the steps but got no result, you need something more oriented to fix the lock. For this purpose, take a lock picking kit.
The most pleasant thing about this lock picking kit is the availability of several size tools with multiple options.
It is easy to unlock the mailbox lock by picking tools according to your lock size. Also, save the precious time that you need to unlock.

6. Last and best option

There is no shame if you are unable to open your mailbox by using these methods. You can get the services of professionals. Just call the lock-picking service to do it for you.

The plus point is that they have more expertise and tools to open a lock without a key and break the mailbox. If you have a good quality and expensive mailbox, don’t take the risk and call the service provider.

Male box replacement cost

The cost for mailbox key replacement depends on them which kind of mailbox you are using.
If you need to replace the PO mailbox key, then the cost is about $10.

Final thoughts

This guide about methods to fix personal mailbox lock ultimately works for you.
If you find the solution to your problem, don’t forget to share your feedback in the comment section below.

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