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You turn your key. It sticks a little. So, you force it to open it up. Boom! That’s when the key breaks.

Before you contact your preferred Residential Chicago locksmith, try these simple ways to get that broken key out of the lock.

How You Can Get a Broken Key Out of a Lock Right Now

The one thing you shouldn’t do is to try forcing the entire key into the lock. This won’t open the lock. It will cause the broken part of the key to go deeper into the lock, making the repair that much harder.

Broken Key Extraction


Try these options instead.

1. Use tweezers or a needle-nose pliers to pull out the broken key from the lock. You’ll need to make sure the tool can fit into the lock, but still open around the key itself.

2. Get your hands on a broken key extraction tool. If you don’t have one at home, call Panda Locksmith and we’ll get out there to help you out.

3. A thin saw blade, either from a hacksaw, a jigsaw, or a swas-all, can fit into the keyway and hook the broken key. Try to line up the blade serrations with the key to hook it out.

4. You can try to super glue a small object, like a hairpin, to the broken key. We do not recommend this method because it has a high chance of failure and could damage your lock.

5. Tap it out. You may need to remove the lock from the door to do so. You could try tapping the other side of the lock with a hammer to loosen the broken components.

A Broken Key Doesn’t Need to Be a Frustrating Experience

With a little ingenuity, these methods and a little luck can help you get that broken key out of the lock.

If you can’t get it out, then talk to your locksmith in Chicago or your local community. They’ll be able to fix the problem in no time at all.


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