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Important Statistic to Consider if You Live in Chicago

Despite the fact that according to FBI statistics, the burglary rate is down 10% nationwide, Chicago is the city where the chance of becoming a victim of property crime still remains above average. According to Chicago Tribute, since 2001, Chicago had the lowest crime rate in February 2015.

There were 4,546 reports of burglary around the city. In December 2015, people reported the burglary to police 7,136 times per month. Considering the fact that the population of Chicago reached 2,722,389 in July 2014, the chance of getting your house robbed is one in 5,38.
The History of Locksmithing

What to Do to Reduce the Risk of Being Robbed

It is always better to take some preventative measures to avoid any kinds of break-ins and have peace of mind. In most cases, the burglaries are performed because of inattentiveness of people. Thus, let’s discuss some things you need to do before you leave your house in Chicago.
Needless to say, you should check whether you turned off your coffeemaker or toaster and stuff like that, but there are other things you need to do every time you leave for work or just want to spend an evening out. Let’s talk about them in details.

6 Things to Do before You Leave Your Home in Chicago

1. Make sure your windows are closed – It essential to close all windows because if you leave some of them opened, your house will be an easy target for burglars who are always in search of the simplest way to get in.

2. Check if your front door lock is functioning properly and then lock the door – What’s more, it is better to replace your lock as soon as it is damaged or the key sticks in it. If you use keyless entry system, make sure your alarm company as well as you will be informed about any try to get inside your house.

3. Hide your spare key properly – If you have a spare key, you should keep it in the safe place. Think out of the box and hide it in the random place not to give burglars an opportunity to notice it. Before leaving the house, remember where your spare key is hidden.

4. Check your security cameras – It is especially essential to do it if you are going go on a business trip or just want to spend an evening out in the city. According to statistics, the most of the burglaries are performed during the night or at the time of you are away. Thus, you should better inform your alarm company that you will be off for some days.

5. Do not leave your valuables on the tables – or some other place where they are easy to be noticed. Aways put your precious stuff in a reliable place before you leave your house. The best way to do it is to have a high quality safe to store your jewelry, cash or documents there.

6. Close your garage doors – Do not leave your garage open because burglars will be informed that you are away and can use this chance to break into your house. It is also important to lock your garage if there is a way though it to your house.

You may say that it consumes much time to do all things mentioned above. However, if you develop a habit of checking some stuff before you leave, your will know that you make everything possible to protect your home in Chicago while you are away. What’s more, after a while, it will become a part of your daily routine. Do not leave your security to chance and consider these simple things to fee totally secure.

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