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What do you usually do before going out somewhere? Do you always check if your doors and windows are locked? Perhaps at the moment when you are rushing to get to work or some important meeting, you don’t think about your home security. Being in a hurry, you can forget to do some simple things to make your house or apartment safe when you are away. If you are lucky, burglars won’t take advantage of your “help”. However, you shouldn’t think that they will miss such an easy target next time.

According to statistics, 25% of burglars sneak into the houses through open doors and windows. So, you may invite a thief into your home having no intention to do it. Thus, in any case, you should take some simple preventative measures when you leave your home. You may consider some of the tips trivial, but still they may help you to reduce the chance of being robbed.

What do you think you should always do when you leave your house? Frankly speaking, there are also some other things to do except locking doors and windows. What about your spare key? Is it properly hidden? When did your check your security camera system? Perhaps you forgot to put some of your valuables in the safe and left then lying on the table. Be sure that burglars will notice any of your “signs” or weak points of your home security and get into your home without hesitation. Leave then no chance to do it.

What to do before leaving your home - locksmith infographic

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