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Despite the fact that more that 80% of Americans are satisfied with the state of their home security, a burglary happens every 15 seconds in the USA. So, do you really think that your home is protected in the best way possible? Perhaps you may need some good piece of advice how not to become the next victim of burglars.

How do actually thieves sneak into a target house? Do they invent some sophisticated ways to gain access to your property or just enter the same doors as you do? You may be surprised to know what parts of your house burglars prefer to get into and grab some of your belongings.

Moreover, have you ever thought what room is the first “place to visit” by any burglar in a target house? No, on, it’s not a bedroom, but it will be also searched. Most of the burglars check all rooms because they never lose a chance to rummage a house from top to bottom to find something worth selling and getting money. However, they also have “favorite places” to check. Definitely, they want to steal money and get everything precious they can find.

Many people themselves help intruders get into their houses. You may forget to take some preventative measures, and burglars will definitely notice it and act without hesitation. You may not even think that you are inviting burglars into your home. However, you can avoid being robbed if you follow some simple tips.

how burglars get into a house Infographic

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