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How To Prevent Thieves From Entering Your Home

Thieves will enter a home at the most accessible point possible. Most will go through the front door when they want to steal from you. Did you know that 32% of home invasions occur because the criminal went through an unlocked front door? When you forget to lock your door as you leave, or if…

Home Security


Securing Your Home Against Theft

Thieves go for the easiest home possible. By taking a few simple actions today, you can begin to secure your home against theft. Here are some of the best ways you can get to work starting today. Secure Inside and Outside Your Home to Stop Thieves 1. Keep your landscaping trimmed. Eliminate places for people…

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Top 5 Burglar Scams

Top 5 Burglar Scams You Should Be Aware Of

Burglars are always thinking up new ways to get their hands on your stuff. At Panda Locksmith, we can help you make sure that the exterior of your home offers an adequate level of security. Our Chicago locksmiths also encounter these common scams on a regular basis. Most Common Burglar Scams in Chicago On average,…

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Switch to Mul-T-Lock

6 Things that Won’t Happen With Mul-T-Lock

You never really know when you might need a locksmith in Chicago. There are times when you accidentally lock yourself out of your vehicle, your business, or your home and a Chicago locksmith can come in and save the day. Locksmiths can also help you upgrade each lock that is protecting your home or business…

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Home Security Tips for the Winter

When the Winter season arrives, temperatures may go down, but home burglaries tend to rise. There are numerous reasons why this trend tends to happen. The hours of darkness are longer, giving potential thieves more opportunities to strike. More homeowners tend to journey from colder climates to their temporary homes in warmer climates. Families take…

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Burglar in Chicago - 5 tips to Deceive them

5 Tips to Deceive a Burglar in Chicago

Chicago is a very big city and, unfortunately, burglaries occur very often. Thieves do not waste time and always try to find an easy target and make easy money. In most cases, they are looking for a place to break-in beforehand and choose it very deliberately. Open windows and doors, garage door left open with…

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