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Rekeying is a fast and effective way to improve the security of a home or business. Instead of replacing the entire lock, your Chicago locksmith can replace the pins and springs in the lock so previous keys will not work. This allows you to retain control of your property if there is a change in tenancy or you’ve lost your keys and are concerned about an unauthorized entry.

At Panda Locksmith, we can rekey most Medeco locks so that your property can be protected at a level you find to be comfortable. The reality of the Medeco lock, however, is that you may never need to have it rekeyed.

Medeco lock rekey

Why Choose a Medeco Lock Instead of Another Brand?

For your basic lock, rekeying it can provide a certain measure of security. When your tenants move out or you’ve fired someone and they didn’t return your keys, a quick rekey of your access point locks can help to stop unwanted entry.

This security can be somewhat limited, however, because many brands offer little in the way of key control. Rekeying your lock is simply part of a cycle of change that you’re constantly embracing. That helps your Chicago locksmiths stay in business… but may not be in the best interests of your budget.

All someone would need to do with a standard lock is make a note of the number that is stamped on your key. They could take that number to a key cutter and have a means of entry that you wouldn’t know about.

That is why a Medeco lock is one of your best options. Their patented locking system makes it difficult to duplicate a key without your explicit knowledge. Instead of spending money on rekeying every time you think there may be a security threat, you can invest into a better security system.

How is Medeco Better than Other Lock Manufactuers?

Medeco only works with authorized locksmiths and dealers. Without this authorization, there are no blanks or key cutting machines available which would be compatible with the Medeco brand.

Before a duplicate key is create, an authorization card must be presented to your Chicago locksmith as well. The signature on the authorization card must be presented to have the replacement created and it must be verified.

Authorized dealers are also required to document who has requested a new key and how many keys were made. This allows every Medeco lock owner to have access to a complete documentation trail of their keys.

Is a Medeco Lock Right for My Home or Business?

If you rent properties, run your own business, or just want to improve the locking security of your primary home, Medeco offers several solutions that may be what you need. Instead of always rekeying your locks, you can rely on this proven option.

There may be times when a Medeco lock rekey is necessary. At Panda Locksmith, we will work with you to make sure your specific security needs are met to your satisfaction.

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