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Lock rekeying becomes an essential step when you need to change access to your house or business premises, without changing the whole lock or purchasing a new set. Rekeying is simply the act of changing a lock so that it may be operated by a different key rather than the old one.

If you suspect that there are unauthorized persons who might have keys to your present lock but you wish not to buy a new lock, then all you have to do is to get a reputable and competent locksmith to come and rekey the lock for you so that you can use it with new keys.

what is rekeing a lock?

How rekeying is done

The process of rekeying is relatively simple. If you get a competent locksmith like Panda Locksmiths in Chicago, then it should take just a couple of minutes to complete the whole process. The process entails changing the wafer configuration or the tumbler of the lock. That way, it will accept a new key and reject the old or the current one you have.

When do you need to rekey your locks?

The main reason why you need to rekey your lock is to control access and be certain that there are no keys that can operate your lock in the wrong hands. There are several situations when this might be the case hence necessitating the need for rekey. Such situations include:

Lost, stolen, and unreturned keys – When you have lost your keys or it has been stolen from you, or perhaps a tenant left your premises without returning the keys to you, then this can enable other people to gain access to your premises without your knowledge and your permission. The best course of action would be to rekey the locks so that you lock out any other person who might have access using the old key.

When you move to a new home – Congratulations! Although, it may be important for you to rekey when you move to a new home or new premises. That’s because you aren’t aware of the number of people who might have keys to your new house. Failing to rekey might only create a security breach in your new home and risk the safety of the contents therein.

Enhance your home security – It is a good practice to rekey regularly. It’s good to be certain that you control those who can have access to your house. Burglars have become more sophisticated and they may be able to gain access to your premises. They do that by using improvised keys and more methods. The best way to keep them at bay is to constantly rekey your locks.

Rekeying in Chicago

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