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Each and every business owner wants his/her business to be prosperous. The security of the premises is one of the key components of successful business. Some people think that it will be enough to install modern security cameras and “ordinary” security locks to make business premises well-protected. Actually, they are mistaken.

Improve the Locks to Make Your Business Premises Secure

Locks remain the key component of keeping your commercial buildings safe. Thanks to the quick development of technology, there is a wide choice of locks available for sale. Oh, if you started thinking about replacing all locks in your office block, you should continue reading because there is a better solution for you. You can contact a reliable locksmith provider like Panda Locksmiths in Chicago, Illinois and ask its staff members to assist you.


Rekey Locks in Business Premises

Picking a lock

The thing is that you don’t need to replace your locks if you want to improve the security of your commercial property or when you face lock or key related problems. You can rekey your locks and have peace of mind because your premises are safe! Frankly speaking, it may really cost a fortune to replace all locks while rekeying service will help to save a good sum of money. So, let’s work out what is rekey (without boring bits) and see when you need this service:

Lock rekeying is the process of changing the lock for it to be operated with a new key. This process implies replacing the pins and springs of the existing lock cylinder with the ones that work with a new key. Thus, not the whole lock cylinder but some of its components are changed. Rekeying is not a time-consuming process; thus, it will be performed in a very short period of time.

When to Rekey Your Locks in Your Commercial Property

Being a business owner or a landlord you know that if something goes wrong with the security of your property, you will be forced to make important decisions about the protection of your property from unwarranted intrusions. If you have to deal with some lock issues and need to improve your commercial locks, you already know how rekeying service may be helpful here. So, when you actually need to rekey your locks?

  • When one of the workers quit his/her job without any notice and didn’t return the key (however, according to the law, employees have to give back keys).
  • If your employee has lost his/her key or has it stolen. In this case, you never know if it has fallen into the wrong hands.
  • If some of the keys used to control the restricted areas of your commercial building are stolen or lost.
  • If you want to restrict the access of one of your employees to the certain area.
  • When your tenant lost the key or didn’t return the key when he/she was vacating the room;
  • When some of the locks are not functioning properly (and are operated with the same key)
  • After the unsuccessful (successful) attempt to get into your premises.
  • If you want to improve the security of your business property

Who to Call to Have Your Commercial Locks Rekeyed

While running your own business in Chicago you have a great opportunity to improve the security of your commercial belongings and save time simultaneously. If some of your locks are not functioning or you think that someone can have access to your business premises, you can rekey your locks to have a piece of mind. Remember that lock replacement and rekey are different locksmith services. Consider calling Panda Locksmiths in Chicago, IL who specializes in rekeying commercial locks. We are always ready to help you.

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