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Being a locksmith is an amazing act which comes with a number of unique but interesting skills to get the job done. It is always fulfilling to see the glitter and the joy in people’s faces when your efforts as a locksmith make them regain entry to their cars or houses during instances of lockouts.

locksmith tools

It is also satisfying for people to call you up at any time of the day or night so that you can help them make their commercial or residential premises secure. But since every trade has its tools, every qualified locksmith also have a certain set of tools to ensure that they get the job done. They include the following-:

Pick Gun

This is perhaps the most popular arsenal you will find in a locksmith’s tool box. It is interesting to note that even burglars will not miss it. The purpose of a pick gun is to move lock pins in either up or down positions in an intrusive manner to facilitate the safe opening of the locks. With a skilled locksmith, it only takes a matter of seconds for the locks to be opened with a pick gun. Pick guns can either be manual or electrical.

Tension Wrench

A tension wrench will never miss in any locksmith’s tool box. The purpose of this ingenious tool is to apply pressure on the locks during the unlocking process. In most cases, applying physical pressure by hand is a difficult task since the hands cannot get a good grip of the locks and assert the necessary force. But with a tension wrench, this becomes a complete walk over for the technicians or locksmiths.

Key Turner

Key Turner becomes a handy locksmith tool when you lock your door from the outside while the key is tucked on the inside. In such a situation, the locksmith will use the key turner when on the outside to safely turn the key and open the door. One amazing thing you will love about this tool is that it works with up to third level locks hence it can be used on most of the common residential as well as commercial safety locks.

Cylinder Cracker

There are instances when locks do not respond to most of the non intrusive locksmith tools. In such cases, the locksmiths might be forced to use some destructive force to get the job done. This is when the Cylinder Crackers come to play. The cylinder cracker makes it possible for the locksmith to open any kind of lock by using minimal but destructive force. It therefore implies that a complete lock replacement will be eminent whenever this tool is used. Due to its destructive nature, a cylinder cracker will only be used as a tool of last resort after all the other tools have failed to get the job done.

Key Machine

Making duplicate keys or new keys is a common activity for locksmiths all over. A key machine is the tool needed to get this job done. Most of such machines are small in size and locksmiths can easily walk with them in their bags. They are capable of making different types of keys including certain automotive keys.
Power Drill
Power drill comes handy when a locksmith needs to remove, repair or install a lock. It provides a safe and efficient way to drill holes in either wood or the metal frames where the locks will be installed.
Pump Wedge
A Pump Wedge is a tool that automotive locksmiths will never miss. It is used to open locked vehicle doors without the application of any destructive force. With this tool, any experienced locksmith can enable you gain entry back to your vehicle in a matter of seconds.

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