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Losing a key can be a nightmare! It doesn’t matter whether it is your car keys or your door key. When lost, you are likely to panic and start searching for a qualified locksmith to help you regain entry to your car or your premises or make duplicate to use in case you fail to find it completely. If you are the type that is fond of losing or misplacing keys every now and then, we have some good news for you. Presented here are effective tips that you can use to ensure that you always know where you keys are. In turn, you will reduce the likelihood of you losing your keys.

tips - how to not lose keys
Always use a key holder

Losing a lone key is far much easier than losing a bunch of keys in a holder. Sometimes you may have the key within yourself or within the room but you fail to remember where you placed it simply because it is just a single key hence difficult to find. A key holder on the other hand is relatively big and you can find it easily even when you misplace it.

Adopt the use of lanyards

If you must retain just a single key, then a lanyard would be a great way to ensure its safe custody. Once you have tied the lanyard to the key, you don’t necessarily have to hang it around your neck. You can always have it hanging in a conspicuous place within the room where you can see and access it most of the times. Additionally, you can fasten the lanyard to your purse button or laptop bag to prevent it from dropping down without you knowing.

Keep related keys together

Suppose you have different sets of keys for accessing different rooms, you should have some organization by keeping the keys in different and appropriate bunches. For instance, you need to separate keys for your office from those of your home. IN this manner, you will keep track and notice immediately you lose any bunch and it will also save you from picking and going out with the wrong bunch of keys.

Use a key box

Whether it is at home or at the office you need to have a key box designed and installed just next to the door. This is especially ideal when you need to keep shared keys. The key boxes will provide a centralized place for storing the relevant keys and it will be easy to identify if any key is missing from the box.

Have a key plate

In addition to having a key box, you can also have a key plate located next to the door. Such a plate would serve the same purpose just as the key box in the sense that it will provide a centralized storage for the keys. With them, you will deposit the keys the moment you get into the room and also collect the keys whenever you are leaving the room.

Have duplicate keys

A duplicate key will come in handy when you have lost your main keys and you need to access your house or you vehicle. It is very important that you have a duplicate of car keys and for almost every door in your house, you should store them away from the main keys. In this manner, you will have a solution when you lose the main ones.

Give a copy to a trusted friend

Another way out to avoid losing your key is to let your friend have a copy. They will keep the copy for you and only give it to you when you have lost or misplaced yours. Be sure that you give it to a trusted friend or family members who you can easily access.

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