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Lock Unlocked With Master Key

When Should You Create a Master Key?

If you own a master key for your property, then it will operate several different locks for your home or business. Each lock still functions with its separate change key as well. Many homeowners think that they have a master key, but their Chicago locksmith (or provider in their own community) likely keyed each lock…

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Multlock lock rekey

Mul-T-Lock Rekey

One of the fastest and most effective ways to improve the security of your home or business is to rekey your locks. From renters who don’t return keys to employees who fail to do the same, your preferred Chicago locksmith can swap out the tumbler configuration or the wafer configuration. This forces a new key…

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Medeco Lock Replacement Advantages

Medeco Lock Replacement

One of the unique features that comes with a Medeco lock replacement is the carded program that comes with this brand. When you purchase an authentic Medeco lock, then you receive an added level of security against unauthorized key duplication additional to a lock that is so hard to pick. Only an individual with an authorized…

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Medeco lock rekey

Medeco – One Investment that Makes Sense

Rekeying is a fast and effective way to improve the security of a home or business. Instead of replacing the entire lock, your Chicago locksmith can replace the pins and springs in the lock so previous keys will not work. This allows you to retain control of your property if there is a change in…

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Why You Need a Spare Key?

Why You Need a Spare Key and Where to Get It

Anyone Can Face Emergency – Needless to say, an emergency situation can happen to anyone. It is really an unpleasant experience not to have access to your car or home the moment you need it the most. If you discover that you have any lock or key problem, you should contact a professional locksmith in Chicago,…

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How to Duplicate Your Car Key

How to Duplicate Your Car Key?

Chicago is one of the most densely populated cities in the United States of America. Its citizens prefer to use private transport to commute to work because it is more convenient. However, the use of your own car implies not only spending less time to get to the place you need but also dealing with…


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