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In big cities like Chicago, there are many fake locksmiths that want to take advantage of your emergency situation. Such scammers rip off the person who is in need of urgent help of a locksmith and perform terrible service. Not to become a victim of locksmith scam, you need to be aware of bogus locksmiths in your area. Don’t let somebody make you overpay for the poor service because real locksmith technicians do the work requested at a very reasonable price. You can spot a fake locksmith by following Panda locksmiths’ tips. Our locksmith professionals will give you the best pieces of advice.

5 Things to Check if the Locksmith Is Reliable

Look at the business address – If you call a locksmith and ask to do the work for you, you need him to name the business location of the company he works for. Then, do some research on the internet and find the official site of the company you want to hire. Check out if the number you called and the place he named are the same as on their website. Also, watch customers’ reviews to know the company’s reputation.

Ask the locksmith to identify himself – It goes without saying that a legitimate locksmith technician will definitely present his personal identification. However, if locksmiths do not show the needed documents upon arrival, ask them to identify themselves. The workers must have their license if they need one in your state. You should check technicians’ ID and their insurance. In case your property is damaged, the insurance will cover it. Thus, if the person who calls himself a locksmith technician does not have such documents, he is a scammer.

Check the price quote and the additional charges – Say that you want to see the written estimate. Each trustworthy lockіmith company has fixed prices for any kind of service performed. If the locksmith says that he can tell you how much it will cost to carry out the work only after the service performed, he is a scammer. Moreover, if the fee differs from the one you were said over the phone, you should not use such service.

Watch the van when locksmiths arrive – The locksmiths’ truck must be clearly marked. The name of the company, its telephone number, and the location of its headquarters must be easily noticeable. It should be fully equipped with all necessary tools to perform the service required on the spot. Do not allow the locksmiths who come in the unmarked vehicle or the one with a different business name to carry out the work.

Ask about the method of payment – In most cases, fake locksmiths demand cash because it cannot be traced. Thus, when a locksmith arrives, ask how he can be paid. If there are several payment methods available on the website of the company, any its staff cannot prefer some payment methods to the others. Say that you want to use a credit card if the locksmith refuses to accept it, it is potential scam signal.

Opt for a Reliable Locksmith Provider in Chicago

For your security requirements to be completely met, you need to choose only the qualified locksmith technicians. Always check the information about the locksmiths who come to avoid locksmith scam and have your problem dealt with in the best way possible. Panda locksmith company in Chicago, IL is a team of the licensed experts who neither under or overcharge our customers for the work done. We are always ready to perform any kind of locksmith service in a very prompt and professional manner because we make your security our top priority.

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