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Fire escape

5 Things to Know About Fire Escapes

Every home needs a basic fire escape plan. If a fire should occur, being able to get out of the building will depend on receiving an advanced warning from your smoke alarms or home security equipment and the planning which you do with your family. Part of the planning process must include the door locks…

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Locksmith tips

Money Saving Tips for Locksmith Services

If you happen to need locksmith services in Chicago, the price of those services can sometimes seem like more than you’d want to pay. Even if you have an insurance provider that can cover some of the costs of a locksmith visit, the co-pay can kill your budget until the next paycheck. At Panda Locksmith,…

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Business security

How Locksmiths Can Secure Your Business?

Your Chicago business is your identity. It is more than just a way to earn a living. Your heart and soul goes into what you do every single day. This is why securing your business must be a top priority. Without proper security, your business could become a target. Good security for your business means…

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Home Security Tips for the Winter

When the Winter season arrives, temperatures may go down, but home burglaries tend to rise. There are numerous reasons why this trend tends to happen. The hours of darkness are longer, giving potential thieves more opportunities to strike. More homeowners tend to journey from colder climates to their temporary homes in warmer climates. Families take…

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Safe for house

Benefits of Having a Safe in Your House

You’ve upgraded your locks. You have installed a security system. Now you’re wondering if an investment into a safe makes sense. If you purchase a safe from your local locksmith in Chicago or another preferred provider, here are the benefits you can expect to receive as soon as it is properly installed. A safe protects…

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Burglar in Chicago - 5 tips to Deceive them

5 Tips to Deceive a Burglar in Chicago

Chicago is a very big city and, unfortunately, burglaries occur very often. Thieves do not waste time and always try to find an easy target and make easy money. In most cases, they are looking for a place to break-in beforehand and choose it very deliberately. Open windows and doors, garage door left open with…

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