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The locks you require for business are a little different than what is suitable for residential applications. They may offer the same basic service (i.e., locking your doors or windows), but there are specific customer movement and coding issues that you must meet with this security product as well.

Panda Locksmith can work with any business type to determine if your locks offer the best possible solution to keep your property secure.

If you’re thinking about an upgrade to your security system, then your preferred locksmith in Chicago can guide you through the five types of door locks which work well on commercial properties.

Best Types of Locks for Businesses

Commercial locks must have the strength to protect your sensitive information, cash, electronics, and all other assets you have.

The type of lock that you use will offer specific advantages that will meet coding expectations while protecting your property. These are the best locks that are being used today by businesses all across the Windy City.

1. Electric Locks
This lock option is standard today, working in ways that are similar to the traditional products of previous generations. You can open your doors using a code or key. The advantage with this option is that they are virtually impossible to pick with common tools while still protecting against a brute force invasion attempt.

Electronic Business Lock

2. Card Readers
These locks give you a secure option for your property while you offer the access needed for your employees. Today’s models allow you to tap or swipe the card to allow entry to your business. If the system doesn’t recognize the card – or you disallow access – then the door stays locked.

3. Biometrics
This option is becoming very popular for businesses today because it eliminates the threat of a stolen key, card, or PIN. Workers must have their fingerprints or other biometric data added to your security system. Then they would place their finger on a sensor that reads their biometrics.

This process matches the real-time data with the stored information in your system like a password. Matches allow for entry. If the system fails to match the data, then you are notified of the attempt.

4. Alarm Rim Locks
These locks provide you with an enhanced level of security while maintaining a standard structure that involves a physical key. If someone attempts to pick the lock, open the door without authorization, or break in using some other method, then an alarm sounds at up to 100 decibels to alert you of the attempt.

5. Exit Locks
This locking option provides basic safety and security for your business. You can set many of these locks to open from the inside with a push bar or similar activation without giving access from the exterior. Your Chicago locksmith can help you find the best solution that helps to keep your property up to code.

Locks are what keep businesses from experiencing unwanted losses or offering unauthorized access. Panda Locksmith can help you determine which options will work the best at your location.

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