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You see the signs all over the city: “Beware of the Dog.

Many households take comfort in the presence of a guard dog. They become our fierce protectors. When a family is not home, they protect the property.

Or do they? One of the fastest ways to get around a guard dog is to bring a couple of steaks, a few dog bones, or some other treat the dog might like. Once the guard dog is distracted, the security system they provide is disarmed.

smart house security system

A smart security system won’t fall for the old “steak in the pocket” routine. Installed by your Chicago locksmith, this type of security monitors your property 24/7. You can have motion detectors, security cameras, and noise detectors installed that will immediately sound an alarm if your system is armed.

These systems can then contact the police for assistance if you require help. Can your guard dog dial 911?

The Benefits of Having a Smart Security System Installed

1.  You deter crime with the presence of a security system. Burglars look for the easiest marks in a neighborhood. The simple presence of a smart security system can be enough to deter crime. Why break into a home that will automatically contact law enforcement when there are easier scores to find? Why take the risk of being caught in the act by a responding officer?

2. You protect your valuables. The average home robbery or burglary in Chicago creates about $2,000 in losses. For homes with extensive electronics or jewelry, the cost could rise well above $10,000. When your locksmith in Chicago installs a smart security system, you provide another layer of protection for your property and your loved ones.

3. You receive remote monitoring. Smart security systems offer owner monitoring services in addition to the routine monitoring that is performed off-site. You can access your security camera’s live feed to see who has come home or who may be waiting at the front door. This type of system allows you to arm it remotely in case you forgot as you rush out the door as well. All you need is data access and a mobile app to access these services in most situations.

4. You could save some money on your insurance. Homeowner’s insurance policies often offer a reduced premium when a smart security system is installed. In some instances, landlord insurance or renter’s insurance policies can be reduced with this type of system as well. Let your Chicago locksmith know if your property is or may be used as a rental so a full range of security options can be presented.

5. You can relax. With your smart security system armed, you know that you have an extra layer of protection for your personal safety.

Is It Time to Let Your Guard Dog Take a Vacation?

A guard dog is still a valuable asset, but it shouldn’t be your only deterrent against a possible break-in. At Panda Locksmith, we will work with you to determine what type of smart security system will improve your home security. You will find that the cost of such a system today is surprisingly affordable.

Don’t let your security plan be distracted by a tasty treat. Upgrade to a smart security system today.

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