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Top Smart Locks

Top Smart Locks in 2018

Smart locks are the next evolution of home security. It is an electro-mechanical lock that your Chicago locksmith will install in your home. When an authorized device sends instructions to it, the lock will function as requested. Each lock requires a cryptographic key and wireless protocol to function. If you’re thinking about a home security…

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Most popular alarm locks

Why Detex Alarm Locks Are So Popular

The quality of an American-made product is something that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. When you look at why a Detex alarm lock is so popular, the journey must begin there. Each lock made by Detex is designed, manufactured, marketed, and shipped from their headquarters in Texas. What does that mean for…

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Locked inside an Apartment in Chicago

Locked inside an Apartment Is Dangerous?

Getting locked inside an apartment can be a very nasty experience; especially when all the bad things decide to happen during this time. To begin with, it puts you in prison right inside your own house since you can’t go anywhere. No one loves giving up their freedom in such a manner! Being locked inside…

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