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Burglars are always thinking up new ways to get their hands on your stuff. At Panda Locksmith, we can help you make sure that the exterior of your home offers an adequate level of security. Our Chicago locksmiths also encounter these common scams on a regular basis.

Top 5 Burglar Scams

Most Common Burglar Scams in Chicago

On average, there is a burglar that occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. The statistics for Chicago are on pace with that national trends. That’s why protecting yourself is so important.

1. Service workers you are not expecting.
If you haven’t called for a locksmith in Chicago, then don’t open your home up to one. Our staff will always coordinate with you for scheduled appointments and never show up unexpectedly.

2. Utility repairs that are required.
Repairs from the local utility might be required at times in your home unexpectedly. If that occurs, any technicians should be wearing proper identification that can be verified with the city.

3. Contractors looking for work.
It gets cold in the city. Snow can build up. You’ll have folks sometimes stop by, offering to shovel your walk. That might be an honest effort to earn a few bucks while helping a neighbor. It is also a popular burglary scam in Chicago and the rest of the United States.

4. Door-to-door salespeople.
If burglars know that you are home alone, you might find someone ringing your front door. As they talk to you, their partner is coming through the back to steal as much as they can. You can counter this issue by keeping your doors and windows locked, especially if you’re the only one home.

5. Offering to demonstrate a product.
The bottom-line is this: don’t invite someone into your home that you don’t know.


Are You Ready to Keep Yourself Safe?

Keeping your locks in good working condition is an excellent first step to proactively take when dealing with potential burglars. Talk to us today about an inspection, upgrade, or new lock installation to ensure you have the right level of exterior security for your home.

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