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Based in Israel, Mul-T-Lock is a manufacturer of high security locks. They introduced the 4-way locking system in 1973 and this is a locking concept that is used by many homes and businesses still today.

What is unique about the Mul-T-Lock is the use of their telescoping tumbler. It is essentially a pin that is within a pin, which is accessed by what is referred to as a “dimple” key. Hardened so the lock can be resistant against a forced attack, most designs offer 5 tumblers and each contains and inner and outer pin.

That means the standard Mul-T-Lock offers 10 elements that can be independently keyed. That is why it is such a popular high security solution for Chicago homes and businesses today.

To add further security to this lock, there are key duplication procedures that are in place to prevent someone from obtaining a Mul-T-Lock replacement for your lock. Here are the important points that you’ll want to know.

Mul-T-Lock Replacement services

Identification cards are provided for each key

When you purchase a Mul-T-Lock product, you should receive an identification card for the key that you’ll be using for the lock. This card provides your Chicago locksmith with the information they need to make sure your replacement key is cut correctly. When you call about a replacement, we’ll ask you about your keyway, key design, and the key combination.

This information is either on the bottom left or the top right of the key cutting identification card.

Identification cards should be requested for a replacement

Authorized locksmiths who can produce new keys for Mul-T-Lock are required to have the identification card. You will find some locksmiths allow you to fill this information into a help request site. The locksmith would still need to see the card before allowing you to purchase the copied key. Some do allow you to scan an image of the identification card and upload that.

If locksmiths copy a key from Mul-T-Lock without the identification card, it could be grounds to have their authorization to represent the brand be terminated.

Replacement keys are quite affordable

For a high security solution, Mul-T-Lock replacement keys are one of the most cost effective investments you can make. Even if you have a commercial location that you wish to protect with these products and need hundreds of key copies to hand out to employees, the costs per key are about equal to what you’ll pay for a nice lunch.

Do not trust a locksmith who will make a Mul-T-Lock replacement without verification

You might be in a tight spot and need a replacement key, but not know where your identification card happens to be. It might be tempting to speak with a Chicago locksmith who will make the key for you without seeing your card.

The trouble with this is that if a locksmith will make an unverified key for you, they’ll likely make it for others too. This compromises the purpose of owning a high security lock in the first place.

Mul-T-Lock replacement keys do require you to take specific steps, but this is done for your own safety. At Panda Locksmith, we can create the verified replacement you need and present alternative high security options that will improve your home security or business safety needs.

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