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You’re running late. You grab what you think you need, rush out the door, and go as fast as you safely can to make it to your destination on time.

There’s a good chance you forgot to secure something at home. There are 8 things that most people usually forget to secure when they are in a hurry. These items are even forgotten sometimes when people aren’t in a hurry.

How many of these items have you forgotten to secure in the last week?

8 Things You Can Forget to Secure

What Things Do People Forget to Secure the Most?

1. Your important documents. Where is your Social Security Card right now? What about your passport? Is your vehicle title still sitting in your glove box? Your most important documents, such as your birth certificate or your will, should be behind a double lock. That means your primary home lock and then a locked, hopefully fire-resistant, file cabinet or safe, offer two levels of security.

2. Your backup HDD. If you have a USB drive or a backup HDD, where is it right now? There’s a good chance it’s just sitting on a desk or counter somewhere. How much personal info would be stolen if someone broke into your home?

3. Home self-defense items. Many locksmiths in Chicago will talk about properly securing your firearms, but people defend themselves with other weapons too. Do you secure your kitchen knives? Pruning shears?

4. Your medication. One of the easiest ways to secure your medication is to use a lockbox specifically designed for what you need. Instead, many homes in Chicago use a cabinet in the bathroom or kitchen for these items. Many burglaries today involve high-end prescription narcotics, so secure your meds today to prevent being an easy mark.

5. Your power tools. It might seem silly to secure your drill, but power tools do have a high resale value. They can be sold fast, provide a criminal with a decent amount of cash, and you may not notice it is missing for some time. Keep a tool box that is bolted to the floor and locked to prevent this from happening.

6. Some extra cash. Although fewer people carry cash around today, it still happens. Is your wallet or purse secure? Do you just dump your pockets out at home? Do you keep a change jar on your dresser? These are all potential targets.

7. Your emergency supplies. Many homeowners have 3-7 days of emergency supplies stored in their home. These items are easy to grab, have high value, and last a long time. Some emergency food supplies, for example, can last for 10+ years.

8. Your yard items. How secure is your backyard grill? What about any patio furniture you have? These items are an advertisement for your estimated net worth. A thief wouldn’t even need to break into your home to steal these items if they are on your front porch.

How to Secure the Items That Are Left Unsecured

At Panda Locksmith, we offer several locksmith products and services that can help you ensure your valuables remain secured. You’ve worked hard to have these things, so give yourself access to the resources you need to protect them.

Some items, such as your identity, can be costly to restore after they have been stolen. Let your Chicago locksmith help you find a new way to stop forgetting these key components of life today.

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