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The deadbolt lock was invented in the early 20th century as a way to prevent unauthorized entry. Since its invention, three different variations of deadbolt locks can be installed by your preferred Residential locksmith in Chicago: bored, mortise, and rim.

Jimmy-proof locks are sometimes included in deadbolt classifications as well.


Top 5 Deadbolt locks


These Are the Best Deadbolt Locks Available Right Now

Schlage L9040
This option is more of a commercial lock than a home security lock, but it definitely gets the job done. It features a reinforced strike plate that prevents almost any form of tampering.

Kwikset 985
This is the double-cylinder option offered by Kwikset. It’s a solid option for doors that are close to windows since a key is required on both sides of the lock. At Panda Locksmith, we can show you where this lock might be a good fit in your home.

Sargent 8225
This mortise lock does require an installation point that is away from a window. Otherwise, you can take advantage of its exit door technology. When the door closes behind you, it instantly locks. Perfect if you need security in an emergency.

Schlage B660P
Schlage features a Grade 1 ANSI rating on this lock for maximum protection. It also features strike plates that protect against a physical attack. At the same time, the lock is very easy for homeowners to operate when properly installed by their preferred Chicago locksmith.

Mul-T-Lock Hercular
The bump resistance of this lock is particularly impressive. It is also resistant to drilling and picking. It’s biggest advantage, however, is the key control system that Mul-T-Lock features. It is very difficult to make an unauthorized key with a lock from this manufacturer.

Which Deadbolts Are Best for Your Home?

Deadbolt locks have improved home security for more than a century. Let the experts at Panda Locksmith help you upgrade or install your next deadbolt today.

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