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As security camera technologies evolve, more homeowners than ever before are embracing the idea of installing this protective device.

You can install security cameras with your smart doorbell, on your roof, and in various places around the interior of your home if you wish. Their size and power make the modern camera capable of providing enhanced security wherever you feel it may be needed.

Most cameras make it possible to share a recorded video on social networks or YouTube while being able to store the footage for future needs.

If you’re thinking about installing security cameras for the first time, here are some ways to know if this investment is necessary.

Home Security

Should I Have Security Cameras at Home?

If you add cameras to your security system, then you’re able to provide another layer of protection for your home.

This technology provides an effective defense against the common neighborhood burglar. If one of your neighbors were thinking about robbing you, the security camera would allow you to recognize them.

The video recorded by the camera is usable as evidence if someone does steal something from your property. Porch pirates are finding it increasingly difficult to successfully take shipments left by the front door with this technology.


Some homeowner’s insurance policies will offer a nice discount on your premiums when you install security cameras too. A security system makes it more difficult for someone to break into your home, which reduces the risks your property creates for coverage.

When combined with modern monitoring technologies for fire, carbon monoxide, and other hazards, you can create a portal which allows you to quickly access emergency resources, even if you’re away from home.

Are There Disadvantages to Having a Security Camera?

A security camera can record what happens at your home. It will not stop a determined burglar from entering your property without permission.

It is not uncommon for thieves to look directly into a security camera, then rob the home anyway. There is no guarantee that you’ll catch the thief, much less recognize them, with the recorded footage.

There are also concerns about privacy that some families must face. Installing security cameras inside the home makes it feel like you’re always being watched in some way.

If you’re thinking about a security system upgrade, then Panda Locksmith can help you make the correct decisions for your home. Let us know what level of protection you’d like to see, then together we’ll create a package that helps you and your loved ones feel safe.

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