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You’ve managed to lock yourself out of your home. The deadbolt on your door is in the locked position.

With the right tools and these tips, you’ll be able to know how to pick a deadbolt using basic items from around your home.

If you’ve got two bobby pins, then you can get the job done. It may take some practice to get the hang of these steps.

Deadbolt House Lock

You Need Two Bobby Pins to Make This Work

One pin must become your tension wrench. You’ll need to bend it into the shape of an “L.” Start the bend just after the last “wave” of the pin.

Take the other bobby pin and stretch it out to make it long and flat.

Then take the tension wrench bobby pin and place some pressure at the lower part of the key entry point. You should be placing the tension in the direction of how the key would turn to unlock the deadbolt.

Start light, then increase the tension as necessary.

The other bobby pin will be used to duplicate how the key interacts with the internal pins of the lock, placing the driving pins above the shear line.

Once you place a driver pin above the shear line, assuming the tension is steady, it will remain there. You then just need to drive the key pins into the driver pins to reach the correct point.

It will take some practice to find the key pins within the lock, since you can’t see them from the outside. Having consistent tension takes some practice as well.

Just make sure you are not practicing this skill on a deadbolt you use to secure your home. These locks can be damaged, even by bobby pins, if the process is not performed correctly. Purchase a lock to practice on before you need to attempt to pick your deadbolt.

What Else Can I Do if I’m Locked Out?

If you have a locked deadbolt and need to get into your home, there is always the option of contacting your preferred Chicago locksmith.

At Panda Locksmith, our people are expertly trained to get you past a locked door. We will respond quickly to your request and get you past the unlocked door without causing damage to it.

A locked door doesn’t need to be problematic. Contact your locksmith in Chicago or begin practicing how to pick your deadbolt today.


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