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Did you know that a Mul-T-Lock installation is possible on virtually any exterior door? If you’re looking for a fast and affordable way to improve the security of your home or business, your authorized Chicago locksmith for Mul-T-Lock will help you receive the many benefits that this technology provides.

Here is how your locksmith in Chicago can help you take advantage of this beneficial technology.

Mul-T-Lock Installation services

How Do Mul-T-Lock Systems Work?

The cylinder of a Mul-T-Lock is built and operates on the idea of a standard pin-tumbler locking mechanism. It uses a plug, rotating inside of a shell, which turns either a tail, a cam, or a gear. Various pins of differing lengths are then lined up, right at the shear line, when a key is inserted into the lock.

This works in combination with a telescopic pin tumbler mechanism which features external and internal pins.

When the pins are simultaneously elevated above the sheer line, the plug can then turn. In a standard Mul-T-Lock installation, the lock will contain 10 body pins and 10 plug pins within 5 chambers. If the lock has been master-keyed, additional pins along the back or side can even be added to provide more flexibility and control.

This dual-locking design, along with other high security features, help this security product be one of the best options for protection for an exterior door.

Why Choose a Mul-T-Lock Installation?

When choosing locksmith services in Chicago, you have several different manufacturers from which to choose when looking for a better security solution. Each promotes several benefits that could be of use to your property.

Why choose a Mul-T-Lock installation from Panda Locksmith over everything else that is advertised on a regular basis? There are several additional security features that are included with the lock installation.

  • No unauthorized key duplication. Only authorized dealers are permitted to duplicate Mul-T-Lock keys. Proper identification must be presented to process a duplication request. A log of all duplications is kept, ensuring proper records of each lock are maintained.
  • Several different options. Mul-T-Lock manufacturers a wide variety of padlocks and cylinders that can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. If you need a better security solution, there is likely a product that will fit your demands.
  • Enhanced protections. Mul-T-Lock products are made with hardened steel pin inserts, providing each lock with an increased drill resistance rating. The telescopic pins with the Mul-T-Lock design are resistant to pick and bump techniques as well.

At Panda Locksmith, we can create a Mul-T-Lock installation for your property that offers a keyed-alike system, a keying option where every lock requires a specific key, and we offer master-key systems as well. Construction keying, 3-in-1 keying, and one-way keying are potential options that may also be considered.

If you’re thinking about improving the security of your property or want to know more about the benefits of Mul-T-Lock products, your authorized Chicago locksmith will answer any questions or concerns you may have. In this day and age, you can never be too careful. A Mul-T-Lock installation makes sense.

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