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Our homes are one of our most treasured possessions and it’s only fair that we keep them as secure as possible. The addition of a security camera system is a great way to ensure that the home doesn’t just feel safe but is actually safe if placed right. Though there are hundreds of different security camera systems designed specifically for such purposes, a few have proven to be the best in terms of functionality and are guaranteed to offer you with a great performance. Here are some of the best security cameras systems you can use to make your home or business secure:

The Best Security Camera Systems Chicago

Drop Cam Pro

This is an indoor camera equipped with high performance features such as night vision and remote control capabilities over cloud based WI-FI. The camera uses web and mobile apps to allow users view live feeds irrespective of their locations. In addition to these, Drop Cam Pro is also able to detect motion and audio besides providing two way talk features between users and the people on site.


Sharx SCNC3605 – This is a robust wireless outdoor camera with the capability of recording up to two days worth of video footage. It has a 4GB memory to store all this data but has expansion for external storage which can store up to one week worth of video footage. In the absence of natural light, the camera uses infrared for the night vision.


Swann SWDVK- 425504 – is a four channel digital video recorder boasting of a capacious 500GB hard drive as well as four CCD cameras with the capability of offering multiple view points around the home. This high end security camera system uses mobile and web apps to send live feeds to users via Smartphone and it can also be accessed and controlled remotely using the same apps. It is well equipped with infrared night vision able to cover a range of up to 65 feet.


Lorex LW2731 –  is another powerful security camera which will make a great inclusion to your home security package. It has a high resolution camera, energy efficient LED surveillance monitor as well as a four channel DVR. Other features include an expandable 500GB hard drive, USB flash drive and an infrared night vision with a range of over 50 feet.


Defender 21051 Sentinel – This is your ultimate security camera if you need a robust and highly efficient system which will cover multiple points around your home or business. It features sixteen high definition cameras, adequate storage capacity capable of storing up to two years worth of video footage and it uses infrared technology for night vision. Users can view real time live feeds via their phones using mobile and web apps accessed through cloud based WI-FI.


Uniden GC45 –  is a cool security surveillance camera that’s ideal both for indoors and outdoors. It is weather proof hence will perform well on the outside just as on the inside. It comes with superb features including a wide focal point, infrared night vision, a transmission range of up to 500 feet, a capacious storage amongst others. The camera is easy to set up and operate hence it can be handled by all virtually anyone of age at home.


Agasio A502W – This is another cool wireless IP camera that will enhance the security situation in and around your home. It uses Auto-Iris technology whereby it is able to automatically adjust the brightness of the lenses according to the prevailing lighting conditions. The camera also boats of IR-cut off filters for clarity and accuracy in recording. It’s easy to install and will integrate well with the traditional home or office alarm systems.

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