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Money Saving Tips for Locksmith Services

If you happen to need locksmith services in Chicago, the price of those services can sometimes seem like more than you’d want to pay. Even if you have an insurance provider that can cover some of the costs of a locksmith visit, the co-pay can kill your budget until the next paycheck. At Panda Locksmith,…

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Burglar in Chicago - 5 tips to Deceive them

5 Tips to Deceive a Burglar in Chicago

Chicago is a very big city and, unfortunately, burglaries occur very often. Thieves do not waste time and always try to find an easy target and make easy money. In most cases, they are looking for a place to break-in beforehand and choose it very deliberately. Open windows and doors, garage door left open with…

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Most Commonly Stolen Possessions in Chicago

Most Commonly Stolen Possessions

Panda Locksmiths’ Tips According to FBI statistics, in America, someone gets robbed every 15 seconds. Thus, the question of home security remains open. Moreover, living in a city like Chicago is quite challenging because the crime rate within large cities remains considerably high. Thus, you should always do your best to protect your home against…

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Awkward Moments of Locksmith Services Chicago, IL

Awkward Moments of Locksmith Service

Chicago is a huge city, and thousands of people use locksmith services every single day. However, when you don’t have any lock or key related issue, you can even forget about the existence of locksmiths at all. As soon as your car lock stops functioning or you lose your home key, you suddenly remind them….

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Chicago, IL Locksmiths Company Tips

Just Moved to Chicago – What to Do First?

Every year, thousands of people move to Chicago in search of a new life and opportunities. If you are just thinking about where to live in Chicago, there are some facts about the city neighborhoods that may be useful for you. In fact, the very first thing you want to know when you move to…

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type of locks in Chicago IL

Types of Locks You Can Buy in Chicago

There are many ways you can protect your belongings. Perhaps you thought about advanced security and alarm systems, motion detectors other high-tech devices that are designed to improve your security as much as possible. However, you should not forget about locks because they remain the essential component of any security system until now. They are…

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