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Perhaps you were in a hurry rushing to work in the morning and forgot your office keys. You come to your office door and start looking for your keys. Having checked you bag several times, you understand that you don’t have them. They may be left lying on the table in your study. Your office keys may also have dropped out of your pocket while you were looking for your purse to pay for the morning coffee.

However, It’s no use thinking about where your key is at the moment. When you are standing near your office door, the only thing you need is to open it asap. So, it’s better not to lose time and try to get access to your office in the shortest time possible. If you think that your attempt to open the lock by yourself is a good idea, you may be mistaken.

The thing is that you can damage it. What’s more, just imagine yourself opening the lock using household items in front of your colleagues.

For sure, it’s not the best idea. What should you do if you face such kind of lockout situation? The first thing you may do is try to calm down and ask for help. You are lucky you if you have a master key system installed. As soon as a master key used, you will regain access to your office. If not, you will need immediate help.

how to deal with office lockout - infographic

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