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Needless to say, it is very convenient to have a spare house key. You will never be locked out of your home and have to pay locksmiths to get into your house after a hard working day. However, you shouldn’t forget that leaving your key outside of your house may lead to negative consequences if you don’t succeed in hiding it. You risk inviting a burglar into your house yourself leaving your home key in the wrong place!

Thus, at least once in a lifetime, everyone of us has thought about where to keep a spare key for no burglar would ever find it. As soon as you start thinking about it, you
understand that it’s quite a challenging task. The thing is that your task is to fool a burglar who will notice your minor mistake to get into your home with minimum time and effort.

Yes, it’s not easy to deceive thieves, but still it is possible. You will need to use your imagination to hide your key in order to be completely sure that no one except you can get it. So, where to keep your spare house key? Let’s see what unexpected places you can use for your spare key to be well-protected.

If you think that your welcome mat or the flower pot near the front door are good hiding-places to leave your key, you are mistaken. Mind the tips below to find a perfect place for your additional key and know that only you will get it in your time of need.

Best place to hide your spare keys Infographic

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