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Exit devices make it easier to use a door when there is an emergency situation present. A panic bar is a common exit device that is often required to meet fire code standards in Chicago. If you’re thinking about talking to your locksmith in Chicago to upgrade your panic bar, or to have one installed, these are the products we would recommend.

Ranking the Best Panic Bars to Purchase:

1. Cal Royal 5000

This panic bar is a standard exit device which features consistency more than anything else with its design. It is easy to install, providing your door with the device required to make a fast exit possible. The bar holds up well to wear and tear and gets the job done for you.

2. Dynasty Hardware

If you’re looking to replace an existing panic bar, then you might speak with your preferred locksmith in Chicago about this option. It comes with the roller latch and dogging key as part of its standard product line. The exterior lever must be purchased separately. It is manufactured with aluminum, so it is lightweight and durable, though it may not be right for every door.

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3. C.R. Laurence

This panic bar features a cross bar design that gives you some customization. It is 42 inches in length, though it can be sized to fit your door. You can also have it installed with a left-hand or right-hand preference.

4. Tell Manufacturing

If you need an alarmed exit device, then we highly recommend taking a second look at this panic bar. The alarm comes standard with the product, which sounds for 120 seconds after being triggered. A key comes with the panic bar to turn off the alarm if it is accidentally triggered. It is difficult to find a more reliable exit device than this one.

5. OrangeA

This is one of the most affordable options to consider when looking for something in Chicago. It is a basic panic bar without much else, though you can add a keyed entrance or an alarm to the panic bar if needed. We like the fact that it is constructed with stainless steel, so you have some natural corrosion-resistance built into this installation.

Do You Need a Panic Bar Installed Today?

At Panda Locksmith, we can help you ensure that your doors have a proper exit device installed. These panic bars are the best that you can buy in Chicago right now. Schedule an appointment today and we’ll make sure your new panic bar is properly installed.


A panic bar is an easy way to ensure a fast exit is possible from a building during an emergency. These are the best panic bars that you can buy in Chicago right now.

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