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The security of homes and business premises is always a great concern for the owners. Whereas it is nearly impossible to stop a determined burglar from gaining access to your premises, making the right choice with your choice of lock and the lock installation method can reduce the chances of such characters gaining breaking into your homes or offices.

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There are different kinds of locks that you can use to secure your premises but dead bolt locks are emerging as one of the favorites for the majority. It is not just the fact that they are common that make them be preferred by many, but also their design, manufacture and installation techniques has been engineered to ensure maximum safety and protection to your premises. Here is a list of the most secure dead bolt locks in the world. You may want to consider them when purchasing your next set of locks-:

Baldwin 380 Single Cylinder Round Deadbolt Lock

To begin with, the Baldwin 380 Single Cylinder Round Deadbolt Lock is a solid brass latch that boasts of an ANSI security rating of 2. It is indeed one of the best locks you will ever come across. It offers users with high quality security features that are a real nightmare to burglars. It is easy to install and its beautiful aesthetics makes it complement a number of door locks. You will also love the polished brass finish that makes your door handles to look very pretty.

Medeco Single Cylinder Maxum Deadbolt Lock

Medeco Single Cylinder Maxum Deadbolt Lock enjoys a comfortable spot in terms of quality and reliability if the Consumer Report is anything to go by. It has a Grate 1 ANSI security rating and it is taunted as one of hardest nuts to crack as far as burglary and break-ins are concerned. The main features that makes Medeco Single Cylinder Maxum Deadbolt Lock be among the best locks in the world are the anti-prying and anti-drilling features that it has been fitted with.

Schalge Camelo Keypad Accent Lever Door Lock

The Schalge Camelo Keypad Accent Lever Door Lock is another Grade 2 lock according to the ANSI security rating system. This lock comes with superb features to guarantee the ultimate security of your homes or business premises. To begin with, it has an electronic keypad that allows for keyless entry.

Other than allowing for the keyless entry, the keypad can be programmed with up to nineteen unique codes for enhanced security. Additionally, the lock has a flex functionality that makes it possible to automatically reset and remain locked after a given period of time. To have the Schalge Camelo Keypad Accent Lever Door Lock, be prepared to part with at least $130 on Amazon.

Schalge B60N619 Deadbolt Lock

This is one of the single cylinder deadbolt locks that are very popular with many users. With an ANSI security grade of 1, the Schalge B60N619 Deadbolt Lock does not just offer adequate security but also it is easy to install and doesn’t disappoint with its aesthetics. It is indeed a classic door lock that will get the job done on virtually any kind of door.

Kwikset 985 Double Cylinder Deadbolt

The Kwikset 985 Double Cylinder Deadbolt lock is without a doubt the best you will ever have in the industry. It features a grade one security rating with magnificent bronze finish that will surely accentuate the looks on any kind of door.

On functionality, you can expect it to offer the ultimate since a double cylinder lock will always perform better than the single cylinder locks. The good news is that despite all these features, it is relatively affordable as compared to the other locks in its caliber.

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