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Panic barMost of the big buildings, shopping malls and schools will have almost their entire exit doors fitted with panic bars. Also known as crush bars, panic bars are great safety accessories in instances of emergencies when people need to vacate the building in the shortest time possible. The bars are essentially spring loaded metal bars that are fitted across the inside of a door in a horizontal manner. When the bar is activated as during the times of emergencies, it unlatches the door, opening it outwards thus allowing fast, safe and efficient exit from the premises.


Installation of safety bar is not just a sound safety practice but also it is a step in the right direction towards reducing the number of casualties and save a lot of lives during emergency times. It is important that any building occupied by a large number of people be fitted with the panic bars. These include exits to large residential apartments, schools, large office complexes, cinema halls, shopping centers, banks, large health facilities etc.

Their presence will not only facilitate the safe evacuation of people during the times of emergency but they will also make it easy for the responders to gain access to the various facilities.

Most building codes now demand that every building of commercial significance be fitted with panic bars whether or not it will host a large number of people. In some places however, there are regulations that make the installation of panic bars a mandatory practice for every building and failing to have it in the structures can lead to lawsuits.

But it is more prudent to install the panic bars because you are concerned about the safety of the occupants of the building in times of emergency and not just to fulfill some legal requirements.

How to choose the right panic bars

For better performance and reliability when the need arises, panic bars should never fail. Considering the kind of panic that will engulf the occupants of such buildings during emergency times, the panic bars should latch the doors safety to allow for smooth exits. However, not all panic bars will act according to plan. Careful consideration is thus necessary when purchasing the bars. Here are a few factors to consider so that you end up with a functional and reliable panic bar-:

The safety aspect of the bars – the greatest consideration that one should have when buying the panic bars is their safety aspect. They should be able to streamline evacuation process both during the times of emergency as well as during non emergency situations. Since the bars are installed from the inside, they should be able to restrict access from the outside unless they have been activated.

The type of the panic bars – Panic bars come in different types and forms with varying capabilities. There are some that will be fitted with alarms to deter unauthorized exits. Others will on the other hand be of the cross bar type but with the majority ones being horizontal types. You therefore need to consult with your locksmith on the right type as well as the particular functionalities you desire to have on them.

Affordability – depending the quality and functionality of the panic bars, they will be available at different price points. An ideal panic bar should therefore be a compromise between quality and price without hurting either side.

Guarantees and warranties – though this sounds obvious but you still need to check that the panic bars you are about to purchase have the necessary warranties from their manufacturer of the vendor. It is possible that you can purchase a defunct panic bar which will cost you a lot of money and without any warranties you shall have wasted your money.

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