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Emergency Locksmith Services

Why You Should Have an Emergency Locksmith Contact

Virtually everyone has lost their keys at some point or locked them inside their home or vehicle. When that happens, an emergency locksmith service can help you get your day back on track. You choose a regular doctor. You take your vehicle to your regular mechanic. Yet a majority of people don’t have an emergency…

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Mul-T-Lock Installation services

Mul-T-Lock Installation

Did you know that a Mul-T-Lock installation is possible on virtually any exterior door? If you’re looking for a fast and affordable way to improve the security of your home or business, your authorized Chicago locksmith for Mul-T-Lock will help you receive the many benefits that this technology provides. Here is how your locksmith in…

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Apartment Lockout tips

Tips to Avoid an Apartment Lockout

You head out the door in a hurry, thinking about what needs to get done. Suddenly, you remember that your keys are hanging by the door instead of being in your hand. The door shuts. It is locked. Now you’re locked out and some times it can be dangerous. With the cost of having a manager,…

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Smart Lock investment

5 Reasons to Invest in Smart Lock

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock. It will lock or unlock a door when an authorized device sends instructions to do so through a wireless connection. When the authorization process recognizes the cryptographic key that has been sent, the lock executes the command that was initiated.   The actual locking and unlocking process is…

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Smart Door Bell

Top 5 Smart Doorbells for Your Home

A fast and easy way to improve the security of your home is to install a smart doorbell. Instead of relying on a quick peek out the window or through a peephole in the door, smart doorbells provide you with a video of who is at your front door. That picture can even be streamed…

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Lock Picking Protection

Lock Picking and How to Protect Yourself

One of the easiest ways to pick a lock is to “bump” it. Even here at Panda Locksmith, we use the lock bumping method to open a lock if a key is not present from time to time. The action forces the lock pins to move to their sheer line. Add just a touch of…

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