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Smart Key Replacement services

Smart Key Replacement

Key technologies have been evolving, created advanced security options that protect homes and vehicles with more effectiveness. As these technologies have improved, the costs of replacing a lost key have grown as well. Smart keys aren’t really a “key” in how one typically thinks of one. It is more of a fob that is used…

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Fire Escape gate

Fire Escape Gate Installation

Your home is your castle. It is fortified to help keep you safe. Certain structures, such as the fire escape, will allow you to get out of your home quickly if you happen to experience an emergency. A proper fire escape gate installation will make sure your property meets current code expectations while making sure…

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Types of locks

The Top 20 Types of Locks You Need to Know

You pull into your driveway or your parking space after a long day at work. With keys in hand, you open your front door. Locks have become part of our daily routine, haven’t they? We rely on them, but don’t always think about what it is they do. There are many different types of locks…


Jimmy-Proof Lock replacement

How to Replace a Jimmy-Proof Lock

Compared to a standard deadbolt lock, a jimmy-proof lock gives a door more security from a forced-entry effort. Sometimes referred to as a “Segal lock” or a “slam lock,” they operate much like a deadbolt does, using a key with an internal level in many instances, making it easy for homeowners to use the lock….

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Smart Key Replacement

5 Things to Know About Smart Key Replacement

What would happen right now if you happened to lose your keys? The modern set of car keys can be very expensive to replace. Manufacturers are using “smart” keys for new makes and models, having them programmed specifically to a vehicle. Losing your keys means having spending hundreds of dollars on a car key replacement…

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Most popular alarm locks

Why Detex Alarm Locks Are So Popular

The quality of an American-made product is something that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. When you look at why a Detex alarm lock is so popular, the journey must begin there. Each lock made by Detex is designed, manufactured, marketed, and shipped from their headquarters in Texas. What does that mean for…

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