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Car key duplication

Why You Must Have a Spare Car Key

It often happens when you least expect it. You’re ready to hop into your car to enjoy all that our beautiful city has to offer… when you realize you don’t have your keys. Maybe they got locked inside your vehicle. Maybe the kids decided to hide them on you because it seemed like a fun…

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Apartment Lockout tips

Tips to Avoid an Apartment Lockout

You head out the door in a hurry, thinking about what needs to get done. Suddenly, you remember that your keys are hanging by the door instead of being in your hand. The door shuts. It is locked. Now you’re locked out and some times it can be dangerous. With the cost of having a manager,…

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Lock Picking Protection

Lock Picking and How to Protect Yourself

One of the easiest ways to pick a lock is to “bump” it. Even here at Panda Locksmith, we use the lock bumping method to open a lock if a key is not present from time to time. The action forces the lock pins to move to their sheer line. Add just a touch of…

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Smart Key Replacement

5 Things to Know About Smart Key Replacement

What would happen right now if you happened to lose your keys? The modern set of car keys can be very expensive to replace. Manufacturers are using “smart” keys for new makes and models, having them programmed specifically to a vehicle. Losing your keys means having spending hundreds of dollars on a car key replacement…

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Fire escape

5 Things to Know About Fire Escapes

Every home needs a basic fire escape plan. If a fire should occur, being able to get out of the building will depend on receiving an advanced warning from your smoke alarms or home security equipment and the planning which you do with your family. Part of the planning process must include the door locks…

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