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Jimmy Proof Lock Unlocking Benefits

Jimmy Proof Lock Unlock

A jimmy proof lock unlocks like almost any other lock. The difference is that the design of this lock is that it is a surface-mounted deadbolt. Instead of having the bolt be secured within the door and its jamb, the bolt hooks into a separate mount that is placed on the exterior of the frame….

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Medeco Lock Replacement Advantages

Medeco Lock Replacement

One of the unique features that comes with a Medeco lock replacement is the carded program that comes with this brand. When you purchase an authentic Medeco lock, then you receive an added level of security against unauthorized key duplication additional to a lock that is so hard to pick. Only an individual with an authorized…

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Medeco Lock Installation

Medeco Lock Installation

If you need an auxiliary lock for your home or business, then a Medeco lock is one of your best options. With a Medeco lock installation, you can immediately add an extra layer of security to your building. Not only do you receive the benefits of adding a deadbolt-style lock to your door, but Medeco…

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Mul-T-Lock Replacement service

Mul-T-Lock Replacement

Based in Israel, Mul-T-Lock is a manufacturer of high security locks. They introduced the 4-way locking system in 1973 and this is a locking concept that is used by many homes and businesses still today. What is unique about the Mul-T-Lock is the use of their telescoping tumbler. It is essentially a pin that is…

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Detex Alarm Lock

Detex Alarm Lock

Detex has created a full series of alarm locks which provide individualized solutions for homes and businesses. At Panda Locksmith, scheduling a Detex alarm lock installation can help you to take advantage of the many benefits that are provide by this safety and security door hardware. Detex alarm locks are heavy duty Whether you want…

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Smart Key Replacement services

Smart Key Replacement

Key technologies have been evolving, created advanced security options that protect homes and vehicles with more effectiveness. As these technologies have improved, the costs of replacing a lost key have grown as well. Smart keys aren’t really a “key” in how one typically thinks of one. It is more of a fob that is used…

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